This is what some of the visitors to our website have written:

Hello Vis-à-Vis,
compliments on your website. Really interesting and witty. Because I know that Silke (Steffen) has a weakness for comics of practically every description, I have permitted myself to attach some files to this mail. I hope that you enjoy the modest selection.
Many greetings to all and see you soon

Hello Visavis-Team!
I really like your new homepage. Clearly articulated, informative and understandable. Great stuff! I hope you win many new customers.
Warm Regards
Anke Brunn
Member of the Regional Parliament (MdL)
North-Rhein Westphalia, Cologne

Hearty congratulations on the professionally laid-out internet presence. It is to a high degree informative—also through the links in text and pictures – and extraordinary in the graphic and artistic composition. It makes it fun to get to know the people behind the scenes and to access the services on offer. A great compliment!
With friendly regards, also to Enzo, "the cat's meow."
Rüdiger Mehlem, Saarberg-BioEnergie, Saarbrücken