Hi there!

I'm Enzo the school tomcat. Here at visņvis everyone knows me. I look around every now and again to check if everything is alright before I head outside on one of my adventures. I'm not allowed to go into every classroom - because of cat allergies and stuff.
My human tin-openers are strict on principles like that.

 Enzo On the website Iím there for everyone (to admire me of course). That I have something to do here
as well is real catnip to me. Iím supposed to be managing the photo album. There are some really nice photos of the goings-on at the visņvis Language Institute. Many students already belong
to the family here. Theyíre even turning up when they donít have lessons to attend. But hey, that says a lot about us, doesnít it?

Back to work. I've attached a couple of links above. There you can look at photos or write your name and comments in the guest book. That also works when you click on the marked words themselves. And when I have something really fantastic, then I post it under "The Cat's Meow."

Hmmm, what is that I see in front of your computer screen? Isnít that a mouse?
Sorry, Iím offÖIíve got a date. Iíll be back soon, though!